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You may have heard of free web design software; it has left many wondering whether it really exists. Well, yes it does, but first we need to make sure about the context of free design. If you are thinking of free design software as one that allows you to create your own designs, create your website with some simple clicks. Well all the services mentioned above are available for free over the internet. There are services that allow you to create and host your website within no time, however there is a small problem associated with free designs- they lack flexibility.

Every web designer and business owner aspires of complete freedom to work with his/her websites; however, free web design software limits these freedoms and puts you in chains. If you are looking to create a website with complete freedom, then free designs are not meant for you. Of the plethora of free design software available over the internet, Squidoo, Hubpages and WordPress are the three major players in the industry. Even though these are all fine companies, the users will not have any freedom if you host with these sites.

As an example, take into account what happened to Squidoo a year back, the site had many listings for weight loss supplements and treatments. Most of the websites were genuine and well working, one day the founders of the company decided that they no longer wish to support all of these sites and decided to close thousands of them. The sad fact is that the business owners were given only few days time to shift their website. Many were not able to cope with the situation and were left with no website at all. This clearly marks the dangers of opting for free web design services.

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Having 100% uptime is one of the basic characteristics that websites should have all the time. Most of the free design and hosting servers do not provide your site 100% uptime. If you are planning to create a great website that caters to the needs of the customers, then it is better that you provide your services to some web design company rather than opting for free web development services.

If you are a person who prefers to add different layouts and graphics in your website, it is better to go for professional web development rather than opting for free web development.

Factors That Interfere With The Performance Of A Web Page

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Designing a website and introducing it online will not convert the viewers into buyers. You need to ensure that the web page designed by you is perfect in every way. They should not create any difficulty while loading the page or cause errors while being used. The web page design should also comply with the SEO terms so that the search engine could list them in their results. Let us verify the different factors that affect the performance of a web page design.

Website design being amateur

Visitors always get attracted towards a web page only if they look professional. If a web design is not professional, visitors will not get attracted towards your web page.  It is essential to change your web site design according to the changing technologies. Implementing new features with new designs will attract more viewers towards your website.

Web pages getting loaded slowly

A viewer will not have the patience to stare at your website for more time as it would take more time to load. This could make them choose your competitor’s website. You need to think about a web page design that could be loaded within a few seconds. Different factors could slow down a web page and it concludes large images, video and JavaScript. Avoiding these can increase the speed of your website largely.

Have JavaScript and CSS placed in external files

You can avoid placing JavaScript, CSS placed in your page code place, and instead, you could include them in an external file. This is one of the clean techniques to speed up the load time of a website. This will avoid possible errors during web page loading.

Should be able to work cross browsers

A web design may work brilliantly on one browser, whereas it may not function on any other browsers. You need to ensure that the website design is compatible with all browsers.

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Screen resolution

Different hardware manufacturers release monitors of different sizes. A majority comes between 900 to 1000 pixels. Your web page should suit the screen resolution even if it is tried on a large monitor.

HTML code should be validated

You should ensure that your web site is free from code errors and it should work perfectly fine on all browsers.  You can use Google HTML validate and get your web page code errors fixed.

Considering the above factors will help you to avoid errors and mistakes in web pages while uploading.

Uses Of Web Design Software

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A decade ago, building a website was not as easy as it is today, the programmers or web developers had to manually code all the views and pages in the web site, and they even had to create layouts and web templates by coding. However, with the advancements in technology, now anyone with a basic knowledge of programming and websites can build a website. We now even have web design software that helps users build a website easily and swiftly. There are a plethora of software available over the internet; you will see many results when you search for one in search engines.

Some companies and sites even offer software that are pre-equipped with templates and designs, so that the user just needs to add the necessary content to the templates and whoosh, they have a website. Some of these sites even offer hosting services so there is no need to search for one. Using templates is the best option for a novice web developer to build a website for his business or clients. Since there are many templates available with the entire web design software available in the market, you can select the template of your choice and fill in the content in the appropriate fields.

Most of the sites will allow the users to even change the position of an image in the site; this can be done easily by clicking and dragging on the image. Even though the users can make minor changes to the layout of the template, for making changes that are more advanced to the layout, you would have to purchase full version web development software. It is advised that you select web development and design software from popular brands as they will have a more flexible and easy to access user interface, even though they might be costly.

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Even though most of the design software do not need the users to have any web development knowledge, it will not hurt to have some basic knowledge in HTML and binary coding. Some of the design software in the market shows the HTML code of the design that was just created along with the visual design, so that the users can learn HTML while working with their web designs if they wish to do so.

When the user adds a specific change in the layout, the code too will change and thus the users will be able to learn HTML coding efficiently using this software.

Do You Really Need A Web Design Agency?

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Nowadays, regardless of whether you own a family business that has survived for centuries, or whether you are working on a startup company living in your parent’s basement, building an appropriate website to complement your business is a must. People have the habit of picking up their Smartphones to search for any and every service or product they can think of and designing the perfect website is your ticket to changing these people into your customers.

Designing a beautiful website is an art as well as a science. Over the years, lot of trends have come and gone and it has become easy to determine what sort of website would attract attention and what would put off the users. Your website should contain all the relevant information, graphics and photos and should be interactive enough to engage the attention of the user. Everything from the layout to the design, the script and the images determine the first impression of the person stumbling across your website, so never underestimate the power of your website.

Contrary to popular belief, website design does not involve a lot of coding and programming. You can design a beautiful website without learning how to code, provided you have all the required tools at your disposal. If you do not have the resources to hire web design services to do your job, you can work on it yourself if you are ready to put in the time and resources. Although having an aesthetic sense would add to the beauty of the website, it is not absolutely necessary. Creating a beautiful website has been boiled down to an exact science; so results are assured if you follow the instructions to the letter.

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Whether you are working off a shoestring budget or have a lot of money to spare, you are better off designing and maintaining a website than having none. Many web-designing software are available for free, giving you the choice to work utilizing these resources. Moreover, there are free website hosting services which will allot you space to upload your website. However, you might to have switch to paid hosting services once more users start rushing to your website.

If your business is hectic enough to leave you no time to focus on designing and maintaining a website, it is better to hire professional web design services to do the job for you. A professional service will be able to bring in the results which are well worth the investment you are making.

A Well Designed Website Is Essential For Online Marketing

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There is no need to explain the benefits of online marketing. Most of us are online most of the time. So, obviously, it makes sense to spend some money on internet marketing strategies and launch your product or service on the web.

The main aim of internet marketing is to draw the user to your website, introduce the products or services you are providing, and then, make them purchase whatever you are offering.

Why you need to get the best web design for your site

There might be thousands of online users, who will hear about your brand for the first time. So, when they visit the website, what they see on the welcome page creates the first impression. This is why it is important to have the best web design for your website.

Now, this does not mean that you should go all out on designing the website with flashy graphics, videos, and GIF files alone. This will only make your website look unprofessional. A simplistic design is what everyone loves, and would certainly make a good impression on first time visitors.

Leave it to the professionals

Of course, web designing has now become an easy thing to do. Many software tools will help you with the task. Web design templates are available online both as paid and free versions. Even some design tools are designed for average users, and you do not have to know anything about coding or designing at all to use them. Just choose the web elements shown in the software, select the background, add some content, and your website is ready.

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A website designed in this manner will look fine. However, you should remember that most websites today are designed in this manner, because this is cheaper. As a result, your website will look just like thousands of websites out there. This is not good at all when it comes to attracting visitors. Your aim should be to make your website stand out from the crowd with a unique web design.

The best way to achieve this is to hire a team of professional web designers. Obviously, this is going to cost you a bit more. However, the website so designed will attract more users, and in turn, result in more online sales.

In short, if you are serious about promoting your products online, you have to hire professionals to work on your site. While you are at it, hire an SEO firm as well, to improve the website’s visibility and rankings.

How To Become A Freelance Web Designer

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One of the basic things that you need to do to become a freelance web designer is to spend lots of time in self-promotion and self-improvement. One of the fist things that all freelance web designers must have is a website that is setup in their own domain. To gain money in any business, you need to first make some investments. In the field of freelance web designing, the investment you need to make is in the form of advertising. In the first few months, you might have to promote your profile through social media a lot for getting some work.

However once you start getting some work, the work will flow in constant momentum, provided that you have finished all the works that you have taken up. A satisfied customer will grant you more business while an unsatisfied customer will ruin your business forever. One of the advertising strategies that you could follow is to take prints of your business card and circulate it among your friends and relatives. Let maximum people know that you are a web designer, as someone you know might know a potential customer. As a beginner in the web-designing field, you might find yourself spending more time marketing yourself rather than doing work.

Since there are many freelance web designers in the industry, you need to market yourself properly for getting business proposals. Make it a point to finish the work on time and provide your customers good support as and when required. Since your customers may know many potential customers, if they are satisfied with your work, they will be happy to recommend you to their friends. Before you dive into the field, make sure that you know the best technologies in the field like HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), up to CSS3.

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Having good knowledge in JavaScript will also help you in generating good business. Having some extra knowledge in server side scripting languages and Flash are very useful. Having good knowledge in Photoshop is an added advantage as you would be able to make logos and graphic designs for your clients. If you are more into graphic designing, you can opt to become a graphic designer instead of being a web-designer. However, being a web designer with graphic designing skill has its perks as well.

If you wish to set your foot in the industry, concentrate more on dynamic websites, as increasing number of people are accessing websites from their mobile devices nowadays.

Support Of Effective SEO Tools And Strategies

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Are you an aspiring business owner? Do you want to market your products and enjoy substantial profits? Then the best option is to hire a professional web designing company to get the web page design works done for you. The facets mentioned below will tell you more about the advantages of web site development and internet marketing.

Web designing and SEO

Nowadays, numerous professional companies are out there that will create attractive websites for your firm that has the support of effective SEO tools and strategies. You can check on the internet to get the contact details of an eminent web designing company. Adding to that, you will also be able to know their rates for the web page design works they render. This way, you will be able to decide if the web designing company is affordable for your budget and suitable for your requirements.

A well-created website with an attractive layout and top quality content will certainly garner the interest of the onlookers. At the same time, you should remember that flawless web page design works alone will not make your website popular on the internet. It is advanced search engine optimization tools and strategies that enable your website to garner more internet traffic. In this context, it is highly recommended that you always hire the services of a web designing company that can also provide you advanced SEO solutions. The company should also be able to provide you with after sales services and timely SEO updates for your firm’s website.

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Keyword insertion has a significant role to play when it comes to website development. Make sure that the articles in your website are not stuffed with the main keywords. On the other hand, it should be evenly placed so that the content makes sense and is readable for the site visitor. The web designing company will create many sub links attached to your homepage. This will automatically channelize a great deal of internet traffic to your website. The state of the art SEO tools will ensure that your website has a strong presence on the internet with optimal page rankings on the search engines.

The contents and pictures of your website should be placed in a proper manner. This will make the website look more appealing to the website visitors. The fonts also should be selected with care and this will make the articles more readable and attractive to the website visitors.

Finding The Inspiration For A Website Design Layout

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All works of art need an inspiration to begin with. This inspiration moulds the idea you have in mind into a specific shape and helps you bring it out in the open. If you have ever gone into an art gallery, you would have noticed that all the works done by an artist might have a common theme. But, different inspirations helps the art come out in an entirely different way. The same is true for websites as well. Most websites – even polar opposites in terms of design and layout, but similar in theme – exist because of different inspirations behind the website.

People who say it is easy to make and run a successful website are not fully informed or have never made a website themselves, or both. It is true that you can get a website up and running in a day or two, but it will be just that, a website for namesake. On the other hand, if you want to make a website that grabs attention, that engages the curiosity of the people, who visit it, it is going to be a hard task. From web design inspiration to layout and design, from building it to keep it running for extended durations, there are a lot of different processes that needs to be done, some of them in tandem.


         Inspiration for a web design

Once you have decided on a theme for your website, you have to find a web design inspiration to kickstart the entire process. This can be anything, something from nature to something your find inside your home. Most web developers look to other websites, successful ones at that, when looking for an inspiration. If you have a sharp eye for detail, you would see common traits in even the most contrasting websites. Note down the most adoptable elements from different websites that might work for your website.

Once you have found an inspiration, do not start your work that very instant. Work out on a piece of paper how the layout would be. How the homepage would look, how to make it more attractive. While your inspiration will remain, your entire design will change multiple times before you come across a masterpiece design, the one that you know is sure to succeed. Do not hurry when hunting for an inspiration, keep calm and seek it, and it will come in due time. Once you have found the inspiration, rest of the entire work is simple.

Pay Attention To These Details When Designing A Website

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It is a common practice for the online web developer community to create software and tools to make their work a bit simpler. With these tools, it is now easy to set up a website on your own, even without hiring any professional web design services for the purpose. However, if you are setting up such a website for online business use, then you should hire professionals to do it.

Some of the key aspects involved in website designing

Many different factors make a website user-friendly, which will ultimately improve your customers’ online shopping experience. Only expert web design services can deliver such a website without compromising on quality. Some of these factors are discussed here.

Smooth web navigation

Obviously, your website will have more than one page, with a lot of options and buttons. So, you have to ensure that the website offers smooth navigation from one page to the next. For this, you have to setup a blueprint or a flowchart of your website before you start with the designing part. In fact, this is more important than the aesthetic appeal of the website. But this does not mean that you should ignore the appearance of the site altogether.

Web design graphics

You should have some well-designed ribbons and background images on your website. If you have a company logo, use that on the website. If not, ask the web design team to come up with a cool new logo for your company. A logo represents all that your organization stands for, and adds virtue to your company.

You can also choose a particular theme for your website and base all your aesthetic elements on it. You can later update your website by opting for a different theme. Many websites employ this strategy to capture the customers’ attention.

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Using SEO techniques to boost site’s visibility

Designing and setting up the website is a simple task. The harder task, actually, is to make the customers visit your website. Remember that there may be thousands of other websites offering the same services as yours. So, in order to make sure that your website appears above these competitors in the search engine, you have to hire the services of an SEO firm as well.

If you get these things right, your website will get a good number of visitors every day, and you will generate good business from them. However, remember that the proceeds do not only depend on the visibility of your website; quality of the service or product offered always matters the most.

The Significance Of Professional Web Designing Companies

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It is a known fact that internet based business ventures are emerging like never before. Ecommerce and internet marketing is the main portal to stay connected with prospective customers. In this context, you need the technical service of a professional web design company to create and maintain a website. Read along to know more regarding the benefits of hiring the services and seeking the support of an eminent web design company.

Web design companies

You can see that several web design firms are out there that provide top-notch web design solutions. You can search on the internet to get the details of web designing companies. It is advisable to do a comparative study about the work quality and the rates they charge for website development. This will enable you to choose a company that rightly suits your budget.

A professional website is indeed the reflection of the services and products offered by your firm. People will always get a clear picture regarding your business activities from your official website. This is exactly why you need to choose a web design company that can create a top-notch website. The dedicated team of web designers will use advanced web designing tools and strategies. The layout, color, concept and design are all important features that can make your website look special and outstanding. At the same time, you need to remember that it is not just the layout or the overall design works that will help to make your website look unique. It is with effective search engine optimization that you will be able to make you website popular on the internet. In such a scenario, you will have to look for professional web designing companies that can provide you both perfect web-designing solutions along with unique SEO strategies.

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It is found that lot of techniques can be used to boost the prominence of a webpage inside search engines. People will always surf the internet for websites that have optimal page rankings. Make sure that the web design firm is able to provide you prompt after sales services. They should be able to make your website always stay at the top pages of search engines.

One of the cardinal rules is to avoid web design firms that use SEO tools that involve deception. Such type of SEO is known as Black Hat SEO.  Search engines can penalize websites that use the black hat methods for SEO.